You do not have to indicate if the payment is for the bus or Family Reunion. We will know this from your RSVP.
EX. If you RSVP that you are not riding the bus and we receive $40 from you, we know it is for the Reunion and not the bus.

The Family Reunion is $40 per person

The bus cost is $160 per person
All Luxury Charter Bus Riders, I am asking you to pay $50 on 01 March 2019.  This will allow me to secure the bus with a down payment.

Attention: If you pay thru this website there is a fee. Once you enter the amount it will let you know how much. (not a flat rate)

If you would like to mail your money, 

Address Postage To:
Trent Chaney
6121 Baker Rd
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Make Check Payable to McCroskey Family Reunion
we accept Checks, Money orders.  You can stop by the house and deliver cash but DO NOT mail cash.
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